Monday, January 10, 2011

Finally an update!

Okay so it has been awhile. I guess I will start by giving a little update on everyone.

He turned one in September. He loves to play with cars, balls, and Ashlynn. He is saying a lot more these days, his favorite word I would say is football. Bryan loves it. Gus goes around saying football all day, and loves to watch it with his Dad. I haven't got a picture of that yet, but I will tonight for the national championship game. Another favorite thing of his is to climb, especially on to the table so he can dance. He has all of his teeth and has had them for awhile. Gus also loves to read books, he loves story time at the library.


Ashlynn is growing up so fast, and she lets me know by telling me that she isn't little anymore she is a big girl. I can't believe that she is in sunbeams. She isn't sure about sunbeams yet. She doesn't cry or anything she just doesn't think that it is fun. Ashlynn also loves to play outside in the snow. She loves to make snow angels and to build snow forts and have a snowball fight. She also loves to read and wants to go to school. Ashlynn also loves art. Her favorite art activity is painting.


Is busy doing the usually thing. He works four tens, so he gets Fridays off. We have been able to do a lot of stuff. Bryan has been doing a lot of ice fishing lately. Ashlynn likes to go with him and so do I. I will post a couple of pictures of Ashlynn fishing.


I am doing the same thing as always. I don't have anything new to report.


Marnie Strasser said...

hip hip hooray! you updated your blog! I did too. It had been over a year. haha!

KayC. said...

I love your post!